Blade Tech Knife And Tool Sharpener


Introducing the British-Made, Blade-Tech knife sharpener. The Blade-Tech is quickly becoming known as the ultimate, quality, pocket knife sharpener.
To keep your tools sharp is to keep them lasting longer, don’t use any old, cheap sharpener, go for quality.

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Out of stock

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Size: 75mm x 25mm x 3mm
Weight: 14g (1/2 an ounce).

The Blade-Tech is used by simply drawing the straight edged knife blade (no serrations) down through the wedge with only light pressure. Re-shapes and sharpens the dullest edge even the hardest Stainless Steel.
The Blade-Tech knife sharpener can also be used on scissors, kitchen knives, hunting knives, pen knives, garden tools including shears, loppers, pruners, mower blades and scythes.

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