DD Woodland Scout Hammock


These hammocks are such great fun for your Forest School and are equally popular with children, youths and adults of all ages. DD Hammocks are very light weighing and will easily pack down in your kit bag. It is made from high quality, tough nylon and has two layers so the user can cocoon themselves inside if they wish.

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Size: 2.35m x 1.3m (comfortable for those up to 6ft and 100kg)
Colour: Olive Green
Weight: 600g (approx)
Max User Weight: 100kg
Includes: 8m of light Webbing and a Small Stuff Sack


Forest Schools trainer Review:
“Nothing cradles you more than a good hammock.  I have used hammocks in all seasons and weather conditions and with a little careful planning are comfortable and warm all the night through.”

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